Where life and co-parenting gets imperfect AF

Where we are finding ways to enjoy our

kid-free time, not ashamed of who we are, doing all the things that make US happy and finding a place of peace in this journey.  Married and other non-single mamas are also welcome 😂 🥰

Thank you!


My Kids At They Daddy House came out of me simply being tired AF

 All week, our lives revolve around taking care of others, working, probably stressed out and the monotony of it all, so we look forward to when our kids at they daddy house (or whoever helps give you a little free time). At least I do.  Make it eventful  or do nothing at all (for once). You deserve it. 


A lot of us in my generation are unlearning so much as individuals and now as moms. We are doing away with the toxicity of our pasts, outdated things we learned and making peace and happiness the goal for everybody. Aunties, women with no kids and even daddies are welcome to join in the community, too (men, please read the room).  


I don’t want this to be your regular mom podcast. I want to hear and share your stories (‘cause we all have one)— fascinating and inspiring journeys that have landed us where we are today. I am looking forward to shedding light on the hard parts, the taboo ish and the not-so-happy things so that other moms know they are not alone. This gets hard and you can often feel like you’re by yourself, but we got this (and we got you, too :).



Gather 'round, y'all

Join me as I share about my life as a mom, my mistakes and triumphs. Join me as I talk to YOU all, too as you share your stories and discuss your lives and perspectives.  










MKATDH | Coparenting With A Narcissist  Animated Series

Episodes 1 – 15 on Youtube